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Did you know?
  • 52% of american car owners wash their cars less than once a month and 15% NEVER wash their cars.
  • Getting a car wash and wax regularly can gain 2% to 4% MPG Fuel Economy.
  • Rain and snow contain dirt and pollutants from the air (acid rain) that can eat your car's finish.  After acid rain falls on your vehicle, the water evaporates, leaving a film of acid.  Concentrated by sunlight, this acid can become so strong that it will "eat" through your car's finish, ruining the paint and appearance.
  • Professional car washes use a fraction of the water involved in driveway washing, conserving water!
New dryer 2023
New State of the Art Drying System
  • Air dryers for streak-free shine
  • 50 second dry time
  • Never makes contact with your vehicle
  • ECO: No cloth to the land fill
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Translucent Building Design
  • Great visibility while inside the car wash
  • Clear view of vehicle in front and/or behind
  • Instructional signage for ease-of-use
  • ECO: Design allows heat in from suns rays